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HB 837 has passed!

The Governor has made it new law!

If the patient’s policy inception or start date is 03/24/2023 the attorney is not entitled to fees and costs. If the patient’s inception or start date is prior to 3/24/2023 the attorney is entitled to fees and costs as Menendez v. Progressive is binding precedent.

Menendez v. Progressive

Q. Can an insurance company deny, or invalidate an EMC, or not pay above the $2500 threshold?
A. NO! The EMC portion of the PIP statute was not effected.

Q . Are you feeling vulnerable that insurance companies, IME or peer review may invalidate an EMC?
A. You should not be. We have the law on our side, and we will fight for your rights.

(see the 2 linked cases below, and the legal precedent they set)

Tony v. Progressive

C&R Healthcare v. Progressive


TeleEMC makes EMC determinations for chiropractors Personal Injury Protection (PIP) patients simple and straightforward.

TeleEMC offers convenient 100% secure telemedicine exams for patients involved in automobile accidents. Our services are designed to ensure the highest quality of care within the comforts of your office.

  • FREE IPad® placement program!
  • We bill the PIP!
  • Same day appointments are available!
  • Face to Face TeleVisit!

Corporate Video.

An Emergency Medical Conditions (EMC) under the Florida PIP law is a medical condition manifesting itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity.

Whether you’re a chiropractor in a city, suburb, or rural area we make EMC effortless!!

What you receive with TeleEMC

Your patient is seen by a doctor or a physician assistant via eClinicalWorks, mobile and video, Healow app. in the comfort of your office.

Visits are convenient, private, secure and HIPAA compliant. Protection of your patients personal information is our priority.

We have partnered with the most powerful and largest cloud-centric electronic medical records system, eClinicalWorks. With its step by step easy to use system we offer a faster more efficient EMC assessment.

Our 24 hour reporting guarantees your patients EMC will be faxed or emailed within 24 hours.

Patient Kiosk

Chiropractors can upload X-rays, MRI images, charts, and other supporting data to assist our provider in making an EMC determination with easy accessibility at a moments notice through our portal process.

We provide the chiropractor a FREE of charge preloaded handheld iPad with an icon to link to the eClinicalWorks Healow app which is also configured with an easy to use  kiosk for patient registration.

eClinicalWorks Portal

Is your staff constantly chasing patients to get their EMC’s scheduled and done at another doctor’s office, or at your office? Not necessary with TeleEMC!

All exams are performed on yours and your patients schedule, on demand and best of all no waiting!

No more third party providers coming to your office, taking up space, showing up late, or missing appointments that hinder your workflow. Eliminate patient no shows which can be costly.

ALL patient forms and demographics are submitted electronically via the IPad provided. No more clipboards, redundant data errors, or hand written paper forms.



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